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History of Mythgar

Long ago in its infancy, Mythgar was ruled by the Elves. For thousands of years the lands prospered and the races of Men, Dwarves and even those that followed the Dragons were left to their own design. As it turned out the Elves were very much in tune with the powerful magic that was responsible for Mythgar's creation. For many years the Elvin magic was used for the powers of good.

Many wondrous things were created by the powerful mages of this time. One such creation was the traveling portals that have since resurfaced. Some ancient texts give hints to unlimited possibilities of travel not only in Mythgar but in its sister 'worlds' as well. The power of creating the portals eventually led to something dark and sinister however.

No direct knowledge can be found in book or ancient lore of who was responsible for creating the first portal to the under world but it seems some of the early portal creators became overly ambitious in their desire to explore the unknown. It wasn't long before demons from the outer-planes unlocked the code for moving to and from Mythgar and evil tainted Mythgar's beauty.

The wise Elvin leaders knew that the portals to the underworld must be destroyed. The order was given to destroy the three known portals to the lands of hell however the order was not followed completely. Instead those chosen to destroy the portals (the Council of Zell) 'locked' them instead. They knew that the dark magic offered from those in the underworld could make them immensely powerful and in their greed the defied the throne. The portals however remained closed to the underworld for several hundred years.

Meanwhile something had to be done with the multitude of demons that had infiltrated the lands of Mythgar. The Elves prayed to Corellian for guidance as the humans and dwarves sought guidance from their gods as well. The Gods created powerful magic weapons and armor to be used by ten chosen heroes from the three races. Elves made up six of the ten and they were granted the control of the group. Even with this great power it would take many years to rid the land of this powerful Evil.

At some later point the lands of Mythgar found peace once again. The portals utilized properly were a great boon to the people. The humans proved to have an accelerated birth rate and soon began to build large cities to care for their people. The Elves allowed the humans to expand along the southern edge of the main land. Their home belonged on the land called Farfell and many of the Island lands south of the continent. As with most times of peace this one would end in war.

Those who had deceived the Elvin throne began to grow weary of the restrictions of their magic and eventually gave in to the beckoning of the treasures of the underworld. The portals were reopened. Much more carefully this time however, as protections were put in place to prevent the demons from once again pouring into Mythgar. The Elves wished to learn, not be dominated.

It is seemingly impossible to study the dark arts for long however and not be corrupted by it. The new spells and magic did indeed make many of the Elves very powerful but something else changed as well. Their hearts darkened and ever so slowly they began to look at the Humans and even the Dwarves as intruders and they looked upon their cities as a blight upon their land. At some point even the Elvin throne began to change its way as a beautiful Elvin queen named Shalandrea began her reign.

The Humans and Dwarves, oppressed and tortured under Shalandrea's reign, joined forces and declared war against the Elves. The Elves were far superior in power and unleashed the dark magic on the humans and Dwarves without mercy. Many of the Elves were appalled by the actions of the throne and many were killed as they spoke out. This war lasted for nearly 200 hundred years and became known as the Magic wars.

The 10 heroes whose weapons and armor were granted by the gods also found themselves at odds. The six elves were broken, with three fighting for the throne and three joining the forces against the queen. The other four joined the armies of their race and fought against the Elves. The sheer number of humans prevented the Elves from a quick victory but in the end the powerful magic the Elves controlled was too much for the other races. Meanwhile the Dragons had stayed out of the war, allowing the “lesser” races to solve their own problems. That was until the danger became too much to ignore. Even the mighty Wyrms realized the danger of demons once again roaming the lands.

The Dragons entered the war and the tide shifted measurably. However now even Elves that had opposed the throne saw an end to their race and begrudged fought along side their tainted brothers. The Dragons and their Maunshin were led by a great Wyrm named Merothesis, a colossal gold, who is believed to be the most powerful dragon to have ever lived. The war ragged on until Merothesis and Shalandrea met face to face in the Elf Queen's castle upon the top of diamond mountain. A great and terrible battle ensued.

Despite her ability to use the dark magic and summon demons Shalandrea was unable to defeat the great Gold dragon God. In a pivotal moment in the history of Mythgar, Merothesis destroyed the queen, thereby destroying the throne of the Elves. The Elves of good heart seized the opportunity to regain the throne and offer peace to the other races. Battered and weary of war the Humans and Dwarves quickly accepted under the condition that the race of elves would never again build cities or armies onto the main land of Mythgar. To this day the Elves have honored this agreement.

For the first time since before humans even appeared on Mythgar, a Dragon ruled the land. Merothesis was a strong leader and kind of heart. Though many of the humans and Dwarves were disturbed that a Dragon ruled, there was no more war and the people were able to rebuild and prosper.

During this time many men and elves worshiped the gods of the Dragons. They joined the ranks of the Maunshin and became powerful under the leadership of the Dragons. Under the surface of prosperity and peace however, the restless desires of men to rule began to bubble to the surface. That is when the red sun came.

At first all the inhabitants of Mythgar feared the strange red glow that began to cover the sun. For more than ten years the red sun burned brightly in the sky, crops prospered even more and magic powers grew. Merothesis became more powerful than even he could imagine. But that would all change.

Many strange things began to happen as the magic that had created Mythgar seemed as though it would unravel. It was almost as if the power that created Mythgar was leaking somehow. Wizards began to have mishaps with spells they had cast hundreds of times; some of these mishaps ending in death for the Wizard or other innocents. Even more disturbing was the apparent affect the sun was having on Merothesis. Merothesis was wise beyond any other and he knew that the magic in him would kill him soon. He had controlled the magic's rage for nearly ten years but soon he would be unable to do so. He meet with his most trusted ally and friend, an elf named Pelonus. Together with Pelonus they devised a plan to transfer much of Merothesis power into three gems. They would become known as 'The Tears of Merothesis'. The great wyrm also feared that his death would lead to unrest among the dragons and commanded Pelonus to warn the humans, Dwarves and Elves of weakness in the alliance of the dragons.

Two months after the creation of the tears an announcement was made throughout the land that Merothesis was dead; destroyed by the magic that made him so powerful. His trusted Maunshin henchmen, Pelonus, announced that a new king would be chosen from the dragon lineage. The great dragons of color, of evil, took the opportunity to vie for the throne. A great war was launched, dragon against dragon, Maunshin against Maunshin.

The humans decided that they wanted to be ruled by their own kind and no longer wished to bow down to the Dragons. The Dragons were unwilling to submit to lesser beings and they warned the humans to return to their homes and carry on their lives as they saw fit but they were not to rule the land. The humans prayed to their gods and sought their approval to declare war on the great wyrms. The gods of the humanoid races did not like the fact that many chose to worship the dragons and soon the humans declared war.

The Maunshin were torn. Their heritage was of the humans and elves but their allegiance was to the dragons. Many of the Maunshin stayed loyal to the dragons but even more joined forces with the humans and fought against their own kind. Many great weapons and armors were created during the Dragon wars. One such weapon was the sword of kings created by the Dragons for one of their most powerful Maunshin to wield, his name was Harratis. The dragons made one last attempt to end the war by stating that Harratis would be king of the land and that because he was of human decent all should be well with the humans.

This did not satisfy the hunger of the humans to rule. The Dragon alliance was all but destroyed and in their weakened state they were no match for the never ending waves of human warriors. As the war raged the humans began to achieve great victories. Embolden by their success the humans now longed to destroy all the dragons and remove them from Mythgar. The dragons retreated and the armies of the humans hunted them all the more. The war lasted for 60 years. In the twilight of the war a bright yellow sun rose in the east as if the red sun had never existed. Over the next few years the last of the Dragons hid deep in forgotten caves and some of the most loyal Maunshin followed. Man once again ruled the lands of Mythgar.

The great portals created by the elves were ordered destroyed by the throne. Many of the Elves had prophesied that the humans would turn their backs on magic and they had buried or hidden several of the portals. Some used the portals to move to another land called Laramis. Laramis was a peaceful, lush land, uncrowded by the rapidly multiplying humans. The Elves begun to build lives in this new land and for the next thousand years they would live in harmony with nature in this lost world.

Laramis held a dark secret however. Hidden away in the darkest shadows of this beautiful land two Tarasks slumbered. Shortly after the 1040th year of the Elves arrival to Laramis the Tarasks awoke. These annihilators of life laid waste to Laramis and most of its in habitants. Suddenly with its cities in ruin and nearly all life snuffed out, the Tarask disappeared.

Mere traces of the races of Laramis survived. A handful of giants and an even smaller number of Elves remained. A powerful lich rose from the ashes and began to spread the evil power of the undead throughout Laramis. The few Elvis that did escape returned to Mythgar in search of answers. Eventually the council of Dragons was sought out for help. Using magic learned by Merothesis; Nekras and the great Dragons created powerful staves that could be used to keep the Tarask from re-awakening.

Six sites throughout Mythgar and even Laramis itself would be created, each holding one of the staves created by the great Wyrms. They would each have a link to magic wards set around the Tarasks. Of the 10 heroes only the six Elves remained and they were called upon to find the Tarasks and set the powerful wards. It is believed that their journey took them far beyond the green sea of Laramis to the Isle of Shrouds. Several years past before the heroes returned.

They returned but they were not the same. Their minds were feeble and they had aged well beyond their years. Within a year all six were dead and little was discovered about their journey as their speech was that of mad men. The Gods themselves scattered the remains of the six much as they had done for the other four. The great weapons and armor locked away. Once the wards around Mythgar were placed these items were also hidden for what was planned to be eternity.

The wards of the Gods were not created to simply lock away the items of the Heroes; they also were created to prevent an evil Demonic Silver-Eyed Mage called Leviticus from returning to the lands of Mythgar. Lost secrets were soon to be uncovered however that would eventually lead to the destruction of the wards.

Some years ago two Brothers, Malias and Jarras uncovered ancient writings from the council of Zell. They were powerful wizards in their own right and managed to uncover a way to open a portal to the inner rings of Hell. Their desires were selfish and they wished to use the demons they brought forth to bring them to power in Mythgar. Demons once again came to the lands of Mythgar.

A group of Heroes came together in this time of need, brought together by rings created by the ancient mages of the Elvin throne. They joined forces with Nekras the Gold dragon to destroy the Demons that infested the land. They also traveled to Hell itself, sacrificing their lives to close the portal. It was assumed the knowledge of making and unmaking the portals was lost forever.

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