Death of a Legend

In the Amber sanctuary of the high temple of Pelor, The Voice of Pelor on the Physical Plane, High Priest Jabaker receives an unwelcome report from Bishop Howel.

Most Holy, Earl Belaruse still refuses, he replies that he respectfully disagrees with your edict. Earl Belaruse states the Light of Pelor is on his lands and as long as he is Earl he will continue to decide how best to defend it. He also states that it is his decision to continue to allow “All” to feel the Light of Pelor, not just the faithful.

The Most Holy’s scowl betrays his usual unshakable composure, “The Earl’s arrogance boarders on heresy! The land that Pelor graced with his touch belongs to his church, not an out of control Paladin with a fantastic story of slaying a demi god. These Servants of the Light are becoming intolerable, Pelor may deem them in need of discipline soon.”

“Most Holy if I may, it seems the Servants of the Light problem may require Pelor’s divine intervention or even more so, a lack of divine intervention may be in order. With the most Holy’s blessing I will summon Fryer Rickious. I am sure he can institute a final solution,”

With a slight grin the Most Holy, Voice of Pelor on the Physical Plane says “Yes Bishop you have Pelor’s blessing to do what must be done to end this insurrection.”


Six months later in Lord Belaruse’s meeting chamber, a representative of the Church makes a plea to Earl Belaruse. “My Lord the Shrine of Green Hill will be lost to the foul hoard within two days. The Emperor will not send troops, his decreed “it’s a church matter”. The soldiers of Pelor’s Hand are on the march but will not arrive for five days, by then the shrine will be sacked and unknown horror at the hands of the orcs will befall the pilgrims trapped there. Lord Belaruse, you are our only hope. We can send twelve along with horses via a gate to the shrine. The might of Pelor is within you, your presence at the shrine will bolster the garrison to hold until our troops arrive”.

Earl Correll Belaruse speaks. “I see into your heart Father Breem, I do not see any deception. I and eleven of my best will be ready at sunrise to enter the gate. We will hold the shrine until the Hand arrives”.



Eight days later the walls of the Shrine still hold, although many of the out buildings lay in smoldering ruin. Still the church troops have not arrived. “Lord Belaruse a Priest has arrived at the gate and wishes an audience with you. He will not say how he has bypassed the hoard. He said to deliver you a message, he said “Pelor is for sissies and stuff shirts, a good strong brew is better in a scrap and definitely for breakfast”. Lord, he does reek of a brewery”. Lord Belaruse lets out a rare smile. “Lead me to him”.

“Greeting Kelgeon welcome to the Green Hill Shrine.” Exclaims Lord Belaruse when he sees his old friend Kelgeon.

“Hello yourself Lord Earl High Muckity Muck. We need to find some shade for my poor old mule so that we my pay homage to the good lord Cayden”.

“I have just the place” as Lord Belaruse waves a hand toward a table and benches under a nearby over hang.

After they sit and Kelgeon pours a healthy pint for both. Lord Belaruse asks “So what are you doing here on such an auspicious occasion”.

“Well” replies Kelgeon “I heard that some fool with 150 men has picked a fight with 5000 orcs over an old pile of rocks”.

Lord Belaruse grins,  ”It’s not that bad, this pile of rocks is where Pelor gave his first paladin the strength to stand against the darkness. It’s an important place, besides Pelor’s Hand will be here soon”.

With a sour look Kelgeon says” The troops you speak of are still a week away and even worse the great dragon Tranaziel has been summoned and will be here on the morrow to incinerate this  “Important place”. Correll you should abandon this place and return to your wife and son”.

With a look of great sadness Lord Belaruse replies, “Were it that easy, I must put aside my personal treasures to defend the faithful.  If we escape many of the innocents in refuge here would perish, that can not be”.

“Correll, what do you have left twenty spears and six knights, maybe?” asks Kelgeon.

“More like 15 spears and seven knights but I will find a way, I have Pelor on my side. Kelgeon you should leave the way you came before morning and if possible take as many of the children with you as you can.” Says Lord Belaruse.

Kelgeon Laughs “Still a zealot to the end I see my friend.  Correll this was a one way trip for me I can’t get out, besides I wouldn’t miss a chance to get roasted by the mighty great red dragon Tranaziel. Too bad Neb isn’t still alive to write some glorious ballad about a brave Priest and his melted mug”.

The next morning seven mounted Servants of the Light and one drunken Priest stands at the ready in a field 100 yards forward of the Shrine of the Green Hill. Kelgeon says to Lord Belaruse “You didn’t tell me when you were counting your seven knights you were including yourself”.      “Well my friend” replies Lord Belaruse “I didn’t want you to leave early. Try not to get killed before you knock the beast out of the sky. By the way, outstanding brew at this morning’s feast my complements to Cayden”. Kelgeon says “Ba! Cayden! That was my own special brew, careful I don’t convert your boys at tomorrow’s feast, now hush up I hear a dragon coming”

The battle was quick and fierce. The ancient great red dragon Tranaziel dueled with Lord Correll Belaruse as the Servants of Light kept the orcs hoards at bay with charge after charge.  When Correll Belaruse knew that Kelgeon could not do any more to keep them all alive he gave the order. Kelgeon called on the power of Cayden and enveloped the ancient red worm causing it to fall from the sky. Correll Belarus last act was to call on the power of Pelor to flow through the mighty sword Ostawane. As the ancient worm plummeted to the ground Lord Correll Belaruse positioned himself to drive Ostawane through the heart of the beast.  As the Dragon crushed the great Paladin of Pelor the holy sword pierced the beasts’ scales and skewered the vile heart that beat beneath them. In the end both the great Knight Correll Belaruse and the ancient red worm lie dead on the battle field as the orcs break and flee.

Two weeks later in a very somber event Kelgeon meets JaRell son of Correll Belaruse. “I was with your father at the end. He was a hero every day that I knew him and no less his last day. He had no words at the end, just resolve. Take his sword and my service there is work to do”.

  1. Torgash Said,

    Nice job Ron.  Thank you for the Heads Up on Correll's death or I might have been a little upset.  Death of an lawful evil dragon and one lawful good zealot of Pelor sounds like cosmic balancing.  

    Looking forward to the campaign and getting back to basics.

  2. Merchant of Lokistan Said,

    Well  played, sir. One doth look forward to another jaunt in yon world…er somethin' like that.

    Where be that William? Likely spreadin' the bones of the camper, like the camper did to poor Mr. Horn.

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